Mechanical Contractors and Services in Dunmore, AB

When it comes to your production line and machinery you cant afford to have downtime and still expect to meet your deadlines. Here at Milltek Mechnical Services we understand the need for fast turnaround, and we can provide you and your business with a variety of solutions designed just for you!

Some of our services include:

Commercial and Industrial Applications

Heavy Duty Fabrication

Custom Machining

Equipment Repairs

24 Hr Emergency Services

and more! Call us today for our full range of services!

Metal Fabrication, Repair and Machining in Dunmore, AB

For your metal fabrication in Dunmore, rely on Milltek Mechanical Services. Capable of producing large and small batches of your product.

Some of what we offer:

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Custom Fabrication Solutions in Dunmore, AB

Industrial machinery requires dedicated support team to repair and maintain your heavy duty equipment. The team at Milltek Mechanical Services, are located in Dumore, AB and services the surrounding areas.

Here are a few services that we offer:

24 Hr Emergency Service
Custom Machining

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