Best Full-Service Wholesale Growers in Aldergrove, BC

Canadian Valley Growers is an independently owned and operated greenhouse operation that has supplied annual plants, vegetables and herbs to Western gardeners for the past 26 years. We provides spring, summer, fall, edible, and organic products in Aldergrove, BC.

With decades of experience as a major supplier to big retailers, Canadian Valley Growers has the greenhouse space, manpower, distribution network and vendor support team to supply large quantities of product with consistency and frequency.

Canadian Valley Growers provides a complete line of annual, ornamental bedding plants, baskets, planters and food-safe vegetables and herbs in any variety and pack size to meet your customers needs.

We are concerned with the decline of natural pollinators, such as bees, and recognize your customers are as well. To ensure we do our part in global concern, we are proud that all of our products are neonictoid free.


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