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If your foundation suffers from cracks, settling bowed, or leaning walls, A. Catedral Construction has the solution for you. After your home or building is built, changes in the soil around it can damage the foundation. Increase the value of your property and breathe new life into it by calling us or contacting us online today for your free foundation repair service! If you’re in need of a foundation repair contractor for your construction, A. Catedral Construction is here to help!

When a building is first constructed; the builders dig a hole in dense virgin soil for the foundation. After the foundation is built, the loose soil that was dug out is backfilled around the foundation. This loose soil can easily allow water to pass through and seep into your basement. Through the years, this soil can also expand and put added pressure on your foundation, causing cracks. A. Catedral Construction has a number of foundation underpinning solutions for all of your foundation repair needs in Hamilton. They are compatible with most home and building designs and can be installed with no damage to gardens, steps, porches, walkways, or other landscaping.

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